REvamping Kerala’s Energy Outlook


CSTEP develops an actionable plan for facilitating Kerala’s transition to clean energy by 2040.

Kerala’s ambitious sustainability goals, including achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and transitioning to 100% renewable energy (RE) sources by 2040, emphasise the need for a comprehensive energy strategy. Currently, the state relies heavily on coal-based resources to meet its energy demands.

CSTEP conducted a detailed study to develop an energy transition roadmap for Kerala (by 2040) that aims to guide informed decision-making on RE transition, aligning with the RE options set by the Ministry of Power.

The report, ‘Kerala Energy Transition Roadmap 2040’, was launched by Dr R Harikumar, Director of Energy Management Centre, Kerala, at the International Energy Festival of Kerala (IEFK) on 7 February 2024.

The study analyses historical electricity demand trends and projects future demand scenarios, considering factors such as the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and induction cooktops. It also evaluates district-wise solar and wind energy potentials to propose supply scenarios for Kerala’s energy mix.

The study recommends various measures to incentivise energy-efficient practices, promote RE adoption, and manage peak demand effectively. Additionally, it highlights the importance of policy advocacy and infrastructure development to facilitate interstate RE power transfer and strengthen transmission corridors.

At the report launch, Rishu Garg, Policy Specialist, CSTEP, highlighted the need to ‘develop an actionable plan for facilitating Kerala’s transition to clean energy and aligning the state’s commitment to shift to sustainable RE alternatives’.

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