Southern Sizzle

Our study indicates the overall warming of both summer and winter minimum temperatures across the districts of southern India

Changing climate patterns — from warmer summer maximum and winter minimum temperature to heavier and more frequent rainfall — are to be expected across all states in South India, according to our report ‘District-Level Changes in Climate: Historical Climate and Climate Change Projections for the Southern States of India’.

The report mentions changes in climate patterns that are likely to occur in South India over the next three decades, compared to the historical 30 years (1991–2019). The study analysis looks at two representative scenarios: medium emissions and high emissions.

The study finds that historically there has been warming and rainfall patterns have been erratic. In the future, summer maximum temperature will increase by 0.5° C to 1.5°C and winter minimum temperature by 1°C to 2°C in most districts of South India.

Total rainfall and rainy days will increase. Rainy days are bound to go up by 1 to 31 days under the moderate emissions scenario, with Kerala bearing the brunt of heavy downpours. With a wetter future on the anvil, the southern states need to gear up for flood management in addition to drought management.



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